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Clear Image is Colleyville’s premier clinic exclusively specializing in laser hair removal. This means we dedicate ourselves to keeping our treatments and technicians up to date with the very latest in laser hair removal technology. We have 18 years experience in laser hair treatments making us one of the most experienced in the state.

We do not compromise on quality or technology and are committed to always offering the gold standard in laser hair removal. We exclusively use Candela laser systems which are the top of the line, most advanced lasers in the industry. This system uses what is known as the Alexandrite laser which has completely revolutionized the laser hair removal industry. Thanks to this technology, laser hair removal has a new reputation for being pain-free, safe, fast, and permanent.

Every single one of our staff is a trained and licensed professional with top industry-recognized certifications. Even our receptionists are licensed pros. Our technicians are supervised by our in-house physician, further adding to the expert care with which our patients are provided.

Laser hair removal is now one of most common cosmetic procedures. Although we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality treatments in the state, we also pride ourselves on our pricing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our affordable treatment plans.

These are just a few of the reasons we’re the best laser hair removal provider in Colleyville. Take a look at our treatment areas page and give us a call to talk about a personalized plan.


What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

  • Permanent hair reduction!

Unlike waxing or shaving, the goal of laser hair removal isn’t just to temporarily get rid of the hair. It’s to stop the growth of hair once and for all by destroying the germ cells in the hair follicle that produce it in the first place. 

  • Say goodbye to ingrown hairs! 

Ingrown hairs happen when the tip of the hair grows sideways into the skin instead of up and out of the follicle. This can often happen after shaving or waxing if your pores get clogs or if you have naturally curly hair. Ingrown hairs can be painful, irritating, and can cause bumpy skin or even cysts. Since laser treatment targets and destroys the hair follicle which is the source of hair,  ingrown hair will be a thing of the past.

  • Boost your confidence!

Unfortunately, undesired hair can affect our confidence. After laser hair removal, you will never again be embarrassed or caught off guard by forgetting to shave or wax. Knowing that you are bikini or sundress ready at all times is a liberating feeling!

  • Save money and time!

It is calculated that over a 40 year period, on average an individual in the United States will spend around $5000-7000USD on razors, shaving creams, and after-shaving lotions, not to mention the 70+ days they will lose taking the time for shaving and upkeep. Laser hair removal not only saves money and time but also reduces exposure to the nasty chemicals found in shaving and waxing products.  

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal makes use of pigments in our bodies called melanin. Melanin is what gives our skin, eyes, and hair their color but its main job is to protect us from dangerous radiation from the sun. On a clear sunny day, for example, melanin in your skin will soak up the sun’s harmful UV rays before they can penetrate deeper into your body.

Unlike visible light and the harmful and invisible ultraviolet light which is composed of many wavelengths, our state of the art laser beams have just one wavelength. The specific wavelength that the target cell will best absorb. These wavelengths travel in unison in the same direction, creating a very narrow beam of light that can be focused on a tiny spot. The result is a very concentrated, very powerful form of energy which is absorbed completely by the melanin in each individual hair. As the melanin in your hair sucks up the energy, it heats up to over 212 degrees Fahrenheit. As its water is vaporized, it burns and creates a teensy burst of smoke called a laser plume. Once a cell hits temperatures approaching a sizzling 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts to fall apart. The hotter the temperature and the longer it’s maintained, the higher the chance the cell will die. The end result is smooth, permanently hairless skin.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Pain is now a thing of the past! The Candela Alexandrite laser is gentle, safe, fast, and powerfully effective. Unlike electrolysis, the laser zaps the hair in a series of microsecond pulses, turning the heat off before it can reach and burn the skin. Each laser pulse is quickly followed by cryogen to immediately cool the treated area. The result is a completely painless treatment that only damages the hair follicle.

There may still be a measure of mild discomfort felt depending on the texture of the hair, the color of the skin, and the area being treated. Some patients have described this discomfort as a soft tickle or being touched with an ice cube.

For those who are very sensitive, we can apply a topical pharmaceutical anesthetic, which will eliminate all discomfort. Before treatment, we can test an area to determine if the anesthetic is necessary, however, nearly 95% of our patients do not require the anesthetic.

Are there any side effects to laser hair removal?

Some normal side effects after treatment may include redness, slight swelling around the treated area, and itching. These side effects will dissipate after two or three days post-treatment. We suggest wearing high-spectrum sunblock during this time and keeping out of direct sunlight for long periods. You will be further advised on post-treatment care at your consultation.

Will laser hair removal work for everyone?

Since the laser targets melanin (or color), laser hair removal works best on a combination of low melanin light colored skin, and high melanin dark colored hair. While this is the ideal combination for the treatment, laser hair removal is still very effective on other hair and skin types, it just may require a few more treatments. A consultation with one of our technicians will determine whether this treatment is suitable for your skin and hair type.

How many treatments will I need?

Each hair goes through a cycle of growth, falling out, and regrowth. Since each hair in an area to be treated will be at a different stage of its growth cycle at the time of the initial treatment, multiple sessions are required in order to target every hair and to ensure that each hair is permanently damaged. It is recommended to repeat the treatment roughly every six to eight weeks. The exact number of treatments needed will vary depending on skin type, hormones, the thickness of hair, and the rate at which it grows. The average patient will see a permanent reduction in hair after only 3-5 treatments but we may recommend up to 9-12 treatments for optimum results. When you schedule a consultation at our clinic, we can advise a specialized course of treatment that will work best for your individual needs.

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